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What you need to know about print finishes


A varnish coating that is added on press during the printing process. You can choose from gloss or matt options (for a minimal additional cost) and a sealer will leave your printed product with an enhanced look.  It can be applied as an all over option or as a spot seal to enhance a particular image or area of your job. A sealer will prevent ink rubbing (associated with matt/silk papers) and also assist with drying.

Gloss Lamination

A widely used finishing option that is both cost effective and suitable for use on a variety of products. The process involves applying a gloss film to your print job (off press) and it can be used on either one or both sides of a sheet to suit your budgetary requirements. Gloss lamination will improve the feel and look of your printed job and is commonly used on items such as leaflets, brochures, folders, presentation covers, reports & accounts, menus etc..

Matt Lamination

Uses the same technique as Gloss lamination although the film used is smoother and has a matt effect. It is a more expensive finishing option than gloss and can be prone to scuffing so an anti scratch version is available at an additional cost. Matt lamination offers the user excellent clarity of the print beneath it and so makes it suitable for items that require easy reading. Also, it is often used in conjunction with a spot uv varnish to provide further enhancement for your print. Suitable for leaflets, brochures, folders, presentation covers, reports 7 accounts, menus, wall posters etc..

Gloss Spot UV Varnish

Often used as an accompaniment for matt lamination. This high gloss varnish can be applied to specific areas of a print job to highlight wording, logos, images etc. to make them stand out from the page. It can also be used on packaging or in similar environments so that areas can be left unvarnished to allow for glueing or further print finishing such as embossing.

Foil Blocking

This is a die stamping method that uses a blocking die coupled with an aluminium foil to make an impression onto your printed job or product.  Popular colour choices are Gold & Silver although many other colours are available. This process will add a classy look to any product and is suitable for use on stationery, business cards, brochures, certificates, bookmarks, diaries, coasters etc..

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