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Our client, a medium sized solicitors practice, were looking to communicate to the local community the details of their latest conveyancing offer. Their ideal target market was local householders who might be looking to sell/buy a property or maybe even both.

After approaching us and asking us to help them by printing a double sized A5 flyer, they then arranged for a local company to distribute these to several thousand homes. After doing this on a few different occasions with no response at all, we looked at different ways of helping them to enable them to get a return on their investment.

To do this we met with them to gain an understanding of what others in the same marketplace were doing and soon established that the most common problem they experienced was that estate agents were recommending other practices in exchange for referral fees. Our client didn’t want to go down this route as they pride themselves on the quality of the impartial advice and value for money they give rather than how much they will pay to gain custom.

After considering the problem carefully we suggested that they try targeting specific houses that had recently been listed for sale and where for sale boards were prominent. Our thought process around this was that houses were typically taking longer to sell so if they put their offering in front of potential clients who would be shopping for their services they would probably get greater reward and also would show the potential client that they did have a choice and didn’t just have to go to the solicitor their estate agent was telling them they had to.

The above is a typical example of the sort of pro-active approach that the team at Swinford Graphics use to help our customers. By employing positive thinking and actions, we can help your business in a number of ways such as with Branding, Design, Print, Promotional Merchandise, Distribution and generally in getting your message to your target audience in the best and most cost effective manner.

Thanks for reading and we hope this short piece has given you a little food for thought, and would welcome your comments.

For you to consider, and next step

If you are sat on a supply of brochures, leaflets or any other sales material and struggling for ideas on how to get them to the right people then we ask who is that benefitting? Get in touch with our team NOW to discuss the options we can offer to get your message in front of your target audience.

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