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How to design a great Notepad

Things to consider when designing a company notepad for print

More often than not, ordering or reordering the company notepads is done without a second thought. Those ordering for the first time will usually ask for the logo to feature on there ‘somewhere’, while those who have had pads printed previously will normally just reorder the pads they had before, ironically ‘to save time’.

In both instances they are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to do something a bit different, something that would make you stand out and some thing that just might help the business to be even better.

While we can’t promise it will double your turnover, a considered notepad design can

  • Create brand awareness
  • Be used as a reference point
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve office mood
  • Become part of everyday organisation

How can a notepad make such a difference? It’s all about considering how the pad is going to be used, then making it as simple yet functional as possible… sounds easy right!?

In it’s simplest from, all note pads should include the following as a minimum on every page:

  • Branding
  • Contact details

If you only add these to the front cover of your notepads, then when someone tears a page out they no longer have your details!

More complex notepads will have designated areas to complete, or ‘Prompt Boxes’ that encourage the user to fill them in. The prompts you use will vary depending on the intended usage – It’s doubtful anyone will need all of them, some example of prompt boxes include:

  • Date
  • To do
  • Action points
  • Schedule
  • Done it list
  • Top Tasks
  • Things I’ve learned
  • Notes for the future
  • Goal of the day / week
  • Sketch
  • Call log

You could even get creative and more specific to your business or industry. Here are three real examples of notepads we can learn from…


A genious little desk pad focused around marketing planning, keeping the branding running through it without smacking a great big logo on there:


Subtle branding and a simple design creates this effective blank canvass for notes:



















When designing your note pad, please stear clear of including a tiny box for ‘Notes’ …  Also if you’re going to add a calendar,  as obvious as this may seem, this will date your pads! Sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to leave the full year calendar off.



If you’re struggling to think of a way you can make your notepads a little more interesting, give us a call on 01384 441075 or email hello@swinfordgraphics.co.uk

Why not work from a blank sheet of paper and start planning your perfect pad as you go through your day?

Happy note pad planning!

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