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What is the real cost of your business not being kitted up?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, What’s the real cost to your business of not being kitted up?

As a supplier of print for over 20 years, I still cannot believe the amount of businesses owners/managers who have sales people without business cards or recruit new employees only to be told by these employees that they’re still waiting for their cards several days and weeks later.

At Swinford Graphics we supply our clients with many many business cards and with the availability and pricing of these being better than ever can deliver these to your door in just a couple of days. In addition, all of our cards are litho printed for highest quality so you can be sure you won’t receive any compromise on this front either.

So, if you’ve recruited recently or you have existing employees without business cards then call us today on 01384 441075 and even better, if you’re a large volume user then you may be interested in finding out how in the last 12 months we have added over £5000 to the bottom line of one of our clients with their savings on business cards alone.

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