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Environmental issues are always in the news in today’s global economy and at Swinford Graphics we take every precaution possible to protect and sustain the world around us.

We strive to go the extra mile by sourcing and supplying products that meet our customers environmentally conscious needs as well as our own very stringent quality measures to ensure that our activities have minimal impact on the environment.

From the use of Eco Inks that utilise Vegetable Oils as opposed to Mineral Oils to the sourcing of Recycled and FSC or PEFC certified papers, Swinford Graphics take full responsibility to ensure that our actions have the least possible adverse affects on the environment and are continually looking at increased efficiencies to improve our performance.

Environmental Policy

  1. We commit to ensure that our operations always comply with any relevant environmental legislation.
  2. We commit to ensure that any products that we sell and promote are sourced using our stringent quality control measures and are subject to defined environmental criteria.
  3. We commit to working in conjunction with our suppliers to reduce waste arising from our activities and to promote a higher percentage of recycling in all areas of our business.
  4. We commit to not knowingly trade with any businesses or organisations whose activities may give cause for environmental concerns.
  5. We commit to a lifelong programme of review and development of both our environmental performance and policy.
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