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Swinford Steal January 2017

To order or enquire, please call 01384441075 or email hello@swinfordgraphics.co.uk

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Swinford Steal November

/text To order or enquire, please call 01384441075 or email hello@swinfordgraphics.co.uk

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Get On Brand With These Office Essentials

On average, we spend 35 hours a week sat at our desks. Make sure your desk is on brand, neat and tidy, with our range of branded office stationery. All of our office stationery is available in wide range of style and we can adapt to your budget.           Pens and […]

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Is Your Boardroom On Brand?

A boardroom is an important space within your business. Whether you own a small business or are a member of a large corporation, your boardroom will witness client meetings, important decisions and is the place where ideas are created and brought to life. So, it is vital this space reflects your brand and ethos and is […]

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Why you should choose Swinford Graphics

Swinford Graphics was born over twenty years ago and has gone from strength to strength, offering a wide range of printed materials from traditional stationery and marketing materials to exhibition solutions with years of extensive experience in print to help ease you through the process. We’d love to work with you and want you to […]

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Swinford’s Phil Fellows Rows 1 Million Metres For Charity

Stourbridge based businessman Phil Fellows has rowed 1 million metres without leaving the gym. Lifelong Aston Villa supporter, Phil Fellows, has taken on the challenge of rowing one million metres for Sunfield, a residential special school based in Clent. Phil, the owner of Swinford Graphics, has been completing the gruelling challenge at his local Pump […]

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How Swinford Graphics can help your new business to bloom

We all know that starting a business can be a hectic time, whether it be invoicing, pitching, moving into new premises or recruiting employees.  Your business is important to you and so it is vital, especially when you are starting out, that you have the correct business marketing tools in place to shout about your […]

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How to design a great Notepad

Things to consider when designing a company notepad for print More often than not, ordering or reordering the company notepads is done without a second thought. Those ordering for the first time will usually ask for the logo to feature on there ‘somewhere’, while those who have had pads printed previously will normally just reorder […]

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Swinford prepares for 2016

Printing is an age old craft – the sort of business passed down over generations. Technical developments come and go but many of the foundations have been in place for centuries and will always remain so. At Swinford Graphics however, while we love tradition, we also love to move with the times – particularly when […]

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The Great Business Card Giveaway

A few weeks back whilst away with the family, I got thinking about how we could give all of our loyal customers and those that we’re  connected with an even better service and extra value for money, that’s when I came up with the idea of creating regular offers on our most popular printed products […]

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